Against the Odds - Hillary

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Hillary had orthodontic treatment with Incognito lingual braces and nominated Peter in the 2010 competition.

Smile...? Me...?

It was always against the odds...or so I thought...

My name is Hillary and this is my story...

Many years ago as a young girl, my Dentist advised that my teeth were not considered crooked enough to warrant straightening. However, as the years passed by my teeth got worse and I became more self-conscious of them. With my 50th birthday looming around the corner I decided that as a birthday present to myself, I would endeavour to get my teeth straightened.

Before Treatment
After treatment

My new Dentist referred me to Peter Huntley, of Quality Orthodontics. The initial referral appointment with Peter left me in no doubt whatsoever that it was the right thing for me to do. I had told Peter that I always smiled with my eyes but kept my mouth firmly shut and that I wanted to be able to give a proper smile.
Peter assured me I could have a new smile by the time my 50th birthday came around, albeit my braces would still be in and that by straightening my teeth, it would change how I looked and, probably achieve far better results than any Botox treatment could do for me in my advancing years...! I opted for an invisible lingual upper brace and ceramic brackets which were to be fitted a few months later to my lower teeth.

Before Treatment
After treatment

And so my journey began...with preparation appointments out of the way, I had my upper braces fitted in July 2007 and on a humorous note, and whilst I had been warned, I wasn't quite prepared for the temporary speech impediment which whilst only lasted a few days, resulted in some hilarious situations at work particularly when answering the phone!

The scheduled appointments every 6 weeks became something I actually looked forward to...they almost felt like a social visit! I was usually early for my appointments, so I could have good read of the current premium quality magazines in the waiting room. This was followed by a relaxing lie down in a far too comfortable chair listening to 'Steve Wright in the Afternoon' whilst watching DVDs playing on a large overhead ceiling mounted TV screen!

Peter and his team encouraged and supported me at every visit and whilst I experienced very little discomfort in the chair, there were times when I had to adopt the 'no pain, no gain' principle for a few days as my teeth settled down. But it was all well worth it. My 50th birthday eventually came with many photos taken of my new smile. Both braces are now off and I recently received the most wonderful compliment that I never thought I would was from a colleague who didn't know me before I had completed my orthodontics journey...'you have a beautiful teeth, Hillary'...

I can't thank Peter enough...he's changed my smile...he's changed my life...and now when I'm asked how I am, I always simply reply...'I'm smiling'!!!