Against the Odds - Lesley

Lesley before treatment Before
Lesley after treatment After

Lesley had orthodontic treatment with ceramic braces and
nominated Peter in the 2012 competition.

My very early dental experience (including orthodontic treatment at 12 years old where 13 teeth were removed because of overcrowding), were traumatic, leaving me with a dental phobia. Eventually the fear of losing my teeth drove me to seek help and I was referred to a periodontist for treatment. 

After six years treatment I was no longer as fearful of the dentist but years of neglect had left me with very uncomfortable, twisted teeth; the appearance of my smile was also affecting myself confidence. My periodontist sent a letter of recommendation to Peter Huntley for an orthodontic consultation.

I had very clear objectives in mind. My teeth were uncomfortable and rubbed my lips. I needed to easily carry out my dental hygiene routine to preserve my teeth. I also wanted a nice smile.

Would I be too old for treatment? Would the periodontal damage be too severe for treatment to be considered? What other benefits could braces give me? Could I have straighter teeth and an attractive smile?

I was made to feel so welcome at the practice and Peter’s belief that he could help me achieve my objectives or surpass them, instilled me with confidence to go ahead with a discreet ceramic braces. Fortuitously the practice offers one-year interest-free credit, financially making my dreams of a pretty smile possible.

I couldn’t wait for my braces to be fitted, although having the brackets bonded to my teeth and the wires fitted was an interesting experience. I was warned by friends that I would find the whole experience instrusive and painful but I didn’t.

The first weekend I had a big social occasion and felt a little embarrassed meeting old friends but nobody noticed or commented. A week later I presented at a two-day conference and worried about my braces rubbing my lips, and talking in public. Anyone who noticed thought it was brave for an adult to have a brace. My self-esteem started to rise with all these positive comments.

The practice has been totally supportive, explaining procedures thoroughly and allaying fears. I lost one already vulnerable tooth (not as a result of my braces) but it did mean that a twisted molar could be straightened and I have since had an implant.

I approached the end of my treatment with sadness; by this time my braces were an old friend. My biggest fear that my teeth would fall out when the clips were removed was totally unfounded. And that ‘HOLLYWOOD SMILE’ that I thought I could never have? Well I’ve got it!

I now have the confidence to smile broadly with delight and happiness. My teeth finally fit and feel comfortable in my mouth and I can clean my teeth easily. Down to my night retainers I no longer wake up with migraines. I can’t express my thanks enough to Peter and his team without whom I would not feel like a smiling star every day.