Braces for teens

Treatment options for a future worth smiling about

There is an increasing demand from our young patients for more inconspicuous appliances. Many teenagers are now requesting lingual appliances and Invisalign (clear aligners), in addition to ceramic appliances. Metal braces are still very popular and many choose to have them decorated with bright colours.

Here at Orthodontic Excellence, we ensure our treatment options are suitable for all our teenage patients. We want to help your teenage years be as fun as possible, and that means not having to feel self-conscious about wearing braces.

  • Braces for young people
  • Braces for young people
  • Braces for young people

Below are some of the options we have available; but at your online assessment we’ll be sure to talk to you about the one we’d most recommend.

Invisalign Teen: The teen version of Invisalign’s highly successful Invisalign aligners is tailored specifically for younger patients. Because they’re removable, they don’t impact on your lifestyle and they come with a few features that make it easy to keep on top of your treatment. Find out more on our Invisalign Teen page.

Incognito lingual braces: These are the world’s first custom-made braces that are fitted to the back of the teeth. They straighten your teeth as if by magic because no-one can see you’re wearing them. Our specialist orthodontists are professionals in the use of Incognito lingual braces. Find out more about them on our lingual braces page.

Ceramic braces: These enable teenagers who need to receive treatment using the brackets and archwire system to have a more discreet option. Ceramic braces match the colour of your teeth so aren’t as noticeable as metal appliances. Find out more on our ceramic braces page.

Here at Orthodontic Excellence, we can offer a solution for even the most self-conscious of teenagers and provide something you will be happy to wear. Book your online consultation with our team today to find out which treatment will be best for you.

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