Invisalign Teen

It’s Invisalign but with added benefits for teens

Invisalign, the company behind the ever-popular invisible aligners, has introduced Invisalign Teen. Based on the full Invisalign treatment, Teen has the added benefit specifically for teens of a blue dot wear indicator discreetly positioned at the back of the aligners. This helps teens and their orthodontist keep track of how often the aligners are being worn, which for ultimate results should be 22 hours per day. The teen option also has the added benefit of replacement aligners, should any be lost or mislaid.

  • Invisalign teen
  • Invisalign teen
  • Invisalign teen

How does Invisalign Teen work?

Invisalign Teen doesn’t require any metal brackets, or wires to move your teeth into position. Instead, the aligners are made from clear, plastic material which make them virtually invisible. Using our hi-tech Itero Scanner (we have two!) we design ultra – thin clear plastic precision aligners without the need for old – fashioned impressions. Each set of aligners is custom made for you, making them extremely comfortable to wear and virtually invisible.

Over the course of your treatment you will need to change your aligners every one to two weeks, depending upon the movements required. Each set of aligners has been shaped slightly differently to encourage your teeth to move into the new positions. You will be able to see how this process works, and what your straight teeth will look like once you have decided to take the next step, after your free assessment as we’ve got special Invisalign software that shows you the result of treatment even before you’ve started!

7 benefits of Invisalign teen

  1. They straighten your teeth almost invisibly.
  2. You can remove them to play sport and musical instruments
  3. They come with six free sets in case you lose or damage your aligner.
  4. They incorporate discreet wear indicators to help you achieve the necessary hours of wear
  5. You can take them out for eating your favourite foods without the worry of hard foods knocking brackets off
  6. They make it easy to clean your teeth so avoiding the risk of marks on the teeth
  7. They are comfortable to wear

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