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We make treatment affordable for you. We realise that some people are put off orthodontic treatment due to their expectations of the cost. At Orthodontic Excellence, we want to make orthodontic treatment an option for everyone so we offer interest-free financing plans to all of our patients.

Our prices. The list below will give you an indication of how much treatment could cost you:

Treatment TypeCost per monthFull price
Invisalign From £49.74 from £3,535
Metal Braces From £46.18 from £3,282
Clear Braces From £53.21 from £3,782
Lingual Braces From £98.34 from £6,989

Please note that these costs are indicative of treating both the upper and lower arch - this means the upper and lower jaw, if both require treatment. Should only the upper or only the lower jaw require treatment, the cost will be lower.

We work with you and your budget. We know that everyone has a different financial situation so we will work with you to develop a financing plan that suits you and your budget. The monthly costs above may require a deposit and be subject to varying levels of interest.

Your free initial assessment is a discussion. We can talk you through the cost of treatment and your financing options at your free assessment. 

Orthodontic Excellence is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Come and see us for a no-obligation meeting to discuss orthodontic treatment with our Treatment Coordinator.

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