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Braces for adolescents

There is an increasing demand from our patients for more inconspicuous appliances – and our younger patients are no exception. Many teenagers are now requesting lingual appliances and Invisalign (clear aligners), in addition to ceramic labial appliances. 

Invisalign ‘Teen’ product is tailored for younger patients by accommodating the developing dentition, incorporating compliance indicators and the provision for replacement aligners in case of loss or breakage.

Lingual Incognito braces are amazing as they are the world’s first custom-made braces fitted behind the teeth, so completely invisible. They allow fixed appliance therapy to happen as if by magic and our younger patients love them as much as our adults. We are experts in the use of Incognito. Provided the patient has adequate clinical crown height, then the lingual appliance can be used. 

Incognito is amazing as it is specially made for the patient, with an incredible degree of precision and patient comfort. 

We can offer a solution for even the most self-conscious of teenagers and provide something they would be happy to wear!

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