Aftercare Excellence – the ACE Club

We believe that excellence in orthodontics and patient care shouldn’t stop once your braces are off. That’s why at Orthodontic Excellence, we offer a retention club – the ACE Club – to ensure your smile stays straight for years to come.

We offer two retention packages:

After Care Excellence Package

Our ACE Package is great for patients who want to keep an eye on their teeth after treatment. For just £115 a year, or £10.50 per month, our patients will get the following benefits when signing up for our ACE package:

  • Annual check-up
  • Free repairs to upper and lower fixed retainers
  • Half price replacement removable retainers (like for like)

After Care Excellence Package

Premium ACE

Our premium retention package goes the extra mile for our patients to ensure their smile is the best it can be, even many years after their orthodontic treatment. For £299 a year, or £27 a month, patients will benefit from the following with our Premium ACE retention package:

  • Quarterly, quantifiable retention monitoring using the smartphone app, Dental MonitoringTM
  • Annual Orthodontic check-up
  • Repairs to upper and lower fixed retainers
  • Half Price replacement removable retainers (like for like)
  • Discounted hygiene appointment (1 per year) at £49.

ACE Club