Play hard, protect your teeth

When you’re playing sports, it’s crucial to protect your teeth. Our experienced team can create a custom mouthguard made to fit your smile, whether you’re wearing braces or not. We simply take a quick scan of your teeth and gums, using our state-of the-art digital scanners (no need for gooey, old-fashioned impressions), and that’s it!

A week later, your mouthguard will be ready for in-person pick-up or it can be delivered directly to your door.


If it’s just you, or you and a family member, we’ll ask that you book in a convenient time to visit the practice for your scan. If there’s more than one of you, then we’ll invite you to settle in with a tea or coffee and use our free wifi while you wait for everyone’s scans to be completed.


School, college or sports club?

For groups of 10 or more, we can arrange to bring our team of specialists and scanning equipment to you, at a time and location to suit your needs. We can then deliver all the appliances to your premises for distribution.


Costs of custom mouthguards

It makes no difference to us whether you are a brace wearer or not. Our focus is on providing the highest quality dental protection during all of your sporting endeavours, protecting your teeth, jaw and orthodontic appliances if you wear them.

Custom mouthguards, in the colour of your choice - £60


Book your mouthguard appointment today

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