During treatment

The next step in the treatment process is your fitting appointment. This is when we will fit your appliance to your teeth. If you’re wearing braces, the brackets will be fitted to the front surface of your teeth (or the back in the case of lingual braces).

If you’re going to be receiving Invisalign® treatment, we’ll give you a few sets of clear aligners to wear over the coming weeks and kickstart start your treatment journey.

Follow-up appointments

Orthodontic treatment takes anywhere between a few months and two years or more, depending upon the complexity of your problem. Unless you’re using the Dental Monitoring app for remote check-ups, you’ll need to come in and see us every six to eight weeks so we can monitor your progress.

We want to ensure your teeth are moving in the direction they should and that things are moving as efficiently as possible. In between these appointments, it’s your responsibility to look after your teeth and appliances by following our advice.

While you’re having orthodontic treatment your teeth can be sensitive and a bit more susceptible to plaque build up. We’ll give you advice on how best to care for your teeth and we do ask you to follow this.

During treatment

Dental Monitoring

If you're wearing Invisalign® aligners, we can set you up with the Dental Monitoring app which will reduce the number of check-up appointments you need to attend during treatment.

Dental Monitoring is a smartphone app that enables us to track the progress of your treatment via weekly photos you upload to your phone. It's a great system for helping your orthodontic treatment fit into your lifestyle!

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Dental monitoring