Dental Monitoring: align your teeth the smart way

With the Dental Monitoring app, we can straighten your teeth and help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamt of from anywhere you are. That means we’ll never require you to change your work schedule, rebook your flights, plan your holidays around your appointments or even spend time in the car driving to our practice for regular check-ups.

Orthodontic treatment just got smarter

Our secret to convenient, easy remote check-ups is the Dental Monitoring app - and anyone with a smartphone can use it. We’ll simply ask you to upload weekly progress photos and send them to our team to analyse.

As long as your teeth are moving in the direction they should be according to your treatment plan, we won’t need to see you in person.

Dental monitoring

4 great benefits of Dental Monitoring

  • Better results
  • Fewer in-person visits
  • Greater communication with our team
  • More control of your treatment

Dental monitoring

Dental Monitoring and clear aligners

We currently offer Dental Monitoring to all patients receiving Invisalign® and Spark clear aligner treatment. Once you have received your initial consultation and we have fitted you with your first set of clear aligners, your subsequent check-ups can be via the Dental Monitoring app.

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Dental monitoring

Get started today!

If you have decided to get orthodontic treatment, but you’re struggling to fit check-ups into your busy schedule, we have the solution.To enjoy all the benefits that Dental Monitoring offers, start by booking a free assessment with our team. We can advise you on the best orthodontic treatment for your smile - and whether remote check-ups will work with your treatment plan.

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Dental monitoring