iTero intraoral scanners

At Orthodontic Excellence, we have two iTero Intraoral Scanners, which are used to take detailed digital impressions of your teeth within minutes. Your Specialist Orthodontist will then use those images to create a more effective, extremely accurate treatment plan. All without the need of messy, old-fashioned gooey impressions!

Get a glimpse of your future smile

Want to see the future? The technology in the iTero Intraoral Scanner allows us to do just that! We’ll be able to show you what your teeth could look like post-treatment - before we even begin!

Orthodontic Scanners

Dental Monitoring: another innovative solution

In addition to our scanners, we use advanced software that makes it even easier for our patients to enjoy the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Dental monitoring is an app that patients can set up on their smartphone and use to complete remote check-ups. You’ll send us regular selfies and we’ll match these photos up with your treatment plan to ensure your teeth are in the position they should be.

Dental monitoring means you don’t have to re-organise your life and schedule to get a straighter smile.

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Orthodontic Scanners

Want to see our technology in action?

Our team is committed to utilising the most innovative solutions in orthodontics, bringing our patients better results in less time. Let’s talk about what we could do for you during a free assessment!

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Orthodontic Scanners