Patient testimonials

"The staff are kind and friendly, always there to help. Appointments can be moulded around you which is a great help when you have a job. If anyone wants the smile they always wanted with the care and professionalism that you need I would definitely recommend orthodontist excellence. Big thank you to Peter Huntley and his great team for giving me a great smile!"


"I want to express my appreciation and delight for my orthodontic treatment over the last three years, it has been a long and wonderful journey. The result is truly unbelievable and I smile now with so much joy. I'm amazed at the transformation and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am."


"Thank you to all of the team at Orthodontic Excellence, you've all made me feel so welcome. To all of those who spoke to me personally, I truly will miss you. You all became family, and were all part of my journey. Every visit I made, you've all made me feel at ease. I will miss the banter, and I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours. Personally and professionally, you all are very special to me and I'm grateful I had the opportunity to meet you. Keep up the good work, you're all excellent!

Loads of big fat cuddles and a shiny straight smile :-) "

Meena xxx

" The team at Orthodontic Excellence were amazing from day 1 to the end of my treatment plan. They made it very clear what my plan would entail, and what I would need to do to make sure it was a success. They were always happy to answer any questions I had and were very friendly. "

I'm absolutely delighted with the outcome of my treatment over the course of 2.5 years and would happily do it again if given the choice again knowing the outcome. Thanks to Peter and his team!"


" The complex orthodontic treatment which I have received over nearly three years has been excellent. Dr. Peter Huntley and his team are very caring and always professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is thinking of having orthodontic treatment. I know that I was a challenge because I was in my late 60's when I first visited them for an assessment. After the initial consultation Peter was very positive that he could help me and I never doubted his word. The end result is beyond my expectations. "


" Virginia and the team are amazing. My journey started 3 years ago and at the time my teeth were in a pretty poor state. I had crooked teeth upper and lower and I had an open bite. I'm in my 40's and wasn't sure if I was up to wearing a fixed brace... thankfully I did. I actually got quite attached to it, Virginia also introduced an appliance which I wore in my palate to correct my openbite - we called it a mouth trap! It sounds bad but you couldn't see it and it did the job! What is worthy to note is the exceptional service I have received throughout my treatment, their attention to detail and care and support is faultless, they treat you as a friend. I would have no hesitation in recommending orthodontic excellence. I am so grateful to Virginia, she has given me the confidence to smile again. "


" Peter and Virginia, a smile is the prettiest thing you can ever wear, you've given me that and so much more. You both are amazingly epic at what you do, making people's dreams come true, you've given me an extra spring in my step and I feel super confident. I can't begin to thank you enough! Coming to you was the best decision I made, I promise to look after my teeth and do you proud. From the bottom of my heart, I genuinely will miss you both."