After treatment

The day you get your braces taken off is a very exciting and memorable day. For the team here at Orthodontic Excellence, these are always cause for celebration. Seeing our patients look in the mirror for the first time at their newly straightened teeth is always so rewarding.

However, this isn’t the end of how we care for you. You’re about to embark on the phase called retention. This is often as important as the treatment itself as it is all about keeping your teeth in their new position for years to come.


The retention phase is the time of your treatment journey when we’re working to ensure your newly straightened teeth stay in the right position. The last thing we want is for them to move back.

To keep them in place, we’ll issue you with a custom retainer. Retainers come in two forms – fixed and removable.

  • Fixed retainer: A fixed retainer is a thin length of wire that is attached out of sight behind the front teeth. It keeps your front teeth in position and won’t interfere with your lifestyle at all. Your eating and speech won’t be affected.
  • Removable retainer: A removable retainer is a close fitting tray of thin clear plastic that hugs your teeth to keep them in position. We’ll ask you to wear it every night for several months after treatment.

After about 12 months you can miss some nights but it is best to develop a good routine so that you are in the habit of wearing your removable retainers every night. It’s vital you wear your retainers as instructed to keep your teeth in their newly straightened position.

After treatment

And … smile!

By now you will feel more confident about smiling, look and feel healthier with your straight teeth, and have a spring in your step knowing that you have a smile others will be envious of. Want to kick-start your treatment journey? Schedule a free consultation with the team today.

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After treatment