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When should my child first see an orthodontist?

The British Orthodontic Society recommends all children have a consultation with an orthodontist between the ages of 7 and 11. During this age range, your child’s bite has been established but their jaw is still growing, which makes it easier to detect and correct orthodontic issues.

Starting interceptive orthodontic treatment can have an incredibly positive impact on your child’s oral health.

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What is interceptive orthodontics?

Interceptive orthodontics focuses on addressing orthodontic issues as they develop in small children. This proactive approach allows us to guide the growth and development of your child’s teeth and jaws to ensure their smile is a healthy one.

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Benefits of early orthodontic treatment

Early orthodontic treatment can help to:

  • Prevent future complications: We can detect and fix orthodontic issues before they get worse which can reduce the cost of (or need for) orthodontic treatment in your child’s teenage years.
  • Reduce the chance of dental trauma: Teeth that jut out in front of your child’s smile are much more likely to result in injury from an accident. Orthodontic treatment can help.
  • Guide proper jaw development: While your child’s jaw is still growing, it is much easier to provide them with a balanced profile and functional bite.
  • Build proper oral hygiene habits: We can teach your child the importance of looking after their oral health from a young age.
  • Prevent tooth decay: Straight teeth are much easier to keep clean, so it will help to reduce the chance of cavities and plaque build up.
  • Boost confidence: Having a straight smile may help give your child the confidence they need to truly shine.

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Skip the NHS waiting lists

Even if your child qualifies for NHS treatment, the waiting lists can be many years long. If you are tired of waiting for the help your child’s smile needs, OE Kids can work closely with you to find a flexible payment plan that suits your budget.

Your child will be excited to know that with private orthodontic treatment, they can have Invisalign clear aligners, clear ceramic braces and more instead of the metal braces offered on the NHS.

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Why OE Kids?

Our dedicated, specialist-led team has undergone extensive orthodontic training. We are devoted to ensuring a positive and comfortable experience for your child, and can’t wait to welcome them into our patient family.

Schedule a consultation with us to discover how orthodontics can enhance your child's well-being. Let's work together to pave the way for a lifetime of healthy and confident smiles.

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Popular types of orthodontic treatment for kids

Here are just some of the treatment options we offer for children to make their smile journey as convenient, comfortable and accurate as possible.

Traditional fixed braces

Fixed braces have come a long way. At our practice, we utilise intelligent AI and accurate 3D imaging to map out the exact movements needed for your child's smile. Our modern technology allows for faster treatment, fewer appointments and less time out of school.

Clear aligners for small smiles

Instead of using metal brackets and wires, we can shape your child’s smile using smooth, clear custom trays called aligners. Clear aligners are conveniently removable, so your child won’t need to adjust their diet or oral hygiene routine during treatment.

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How does Dental Monitoring work?

After you sign your child up for clear aligner treatment at their free consultation, it’s easy to get them started with Dental Monitoring.

  • Download the Dental Monitoring app to your iOS or Android smartphone
  • Follow the instructions in the app to send us photos of your child’s smile
  • Wait for our team to send treatment instructions
  • Carry on with your day!

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Benefits of Dental Monitoring

Parents and children both love Dental Monitoring because it allows for:

  • Treatment from anywhere: As long as you have wifi or cell service, your child can complete their treatment from home, school or even your family vacation.
  • Fewer appointments: We won’t need to see your child in person unless we need to make changes to their treatment plan.
  • Faster results: We can adjust your child’s treatment during their weekly check-ins to ensure it’s as efficient as possible.
  • Better communication: Our team's expertise is always just a button push away. You can contact us anytime you need to through the Dental Monitoring app.

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Give your child the gift of a happy, healthy smile

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