Life with braces

Good news – just because you’re having orthodontic treatment, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy all that life has to offer. Wearing an orthodontic appliance, such as braces, won’t affect your lifestyle all that much. Yes, there are a few changes you will have to make, but these are minor in the whole scheme of things. After all, what’s a few concessions when you’ll end up with fabulously straight teeth?

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Dos and don’ts of braces

There are some things that you will need to be mindful of if you’re wearing braces or an Invisalign aligner.

  • Do… keep your teeth clean at all times. This means brushing after every meal and snack.
  • Do… attend all your appointments with your orthodontist and keep up your regular check ups with your dentist during treatment.
  • Do… attend all your appointments with both your orthodontist and your dentist during treatment.
  • Don’t… bite on tops of pens or pencils as these can damage your braces. This includes biting on fingernails too!
  • Don’t... test your braces by eating hard or crunchy foods. Broken braces can mean prolonged treatments.
  • Don’t… try and fix your braces if they’ve been damaged. Instead, give our receptionists a call and ask to book a broken brace appointment. We’ll do our best to see you.
  • Don’t… forget to follow the instructions your orthodontist gives you. By not adhering to your treatment plan, you could lengthen treatment time, or worse yet, have to stop.

When you are first fitted with your braces or Invisalign aligner, we’ll give you information on living with braces. It really is easier than it sounds.

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