Types of Invisalign

Your Invisalign treatment time will depend upon the complexity of the movements required. This influences the number of aligners and thus the Invisalign product that is right for your needs.

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Invisalign Full

This is the original Invisalign treatment and has been designed as a viable alternative to traditional braces. If you need extensive orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, then it’s likely the full version of Invisalign will be right for you. The time taken to achieve the best result will depend upon the complexity of your problem and how we design the solution for it.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign understand teenagers, which is why they have created the teen version of Invisalign. Rather than our teenage patients needing to feel self-conscious about wearing braces, they can be fitted with Invisalign Teen aligners which are virtually invisible. But what makes them specific for teenagers? On Invisalign Teen aligners you will see a blue dot wear indicator. This helps teens – and our orthodontists - keep track of how often they are wearing their aligners. The more you wear them the lighter the dot becomes.

Invisalign Lite

Not all of our patients need major orthodontic treatment. For some of them, it might be a less complex correction that is needed. For example, it could be that you wore braces as a teenager, but now as an adult you’ve noticed your teeth are moving out of position again. Invisalign Lite has been designed to straighten the front six teeth in around six months.

Invisalign i7

A series of 7 aligners for alignment of minor irregularities over less than 6 months.

Dental monitoring

Invisalign is a really popular treatment option among our teen and adult patients because it's so flexible. Fitting orthodontic treatment into your lifestyle is definitely easier with Invisalign. And it's made even easier with the use of dental monitoring, a smartphone app that allows us to track the movement of your teeth via your smartphone. You can find out more about how dental monitoring works with Invisalign on our dental monitoring page, but in short it means fewer visits to our clinic and greater freedom during treatment! 

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