Orthodontic scanners

At Orthodontic Excellence, we have two iTero Intraoral Scanners. This innovative piece of scanning technology, allows us to get a more detailed look at your teeth and gums quickly and easily - it only takes a few minutes, and eliminates the need for old-fashioned gooey impressions. The iTero Intraoral Scanner also means we can show you what your teeth will look like post-treatment, giving you a better orthodontic treatment experience all round.

  • Orthodontic scanner
  • Orthodontic scanner
  • Orthodontic scanners

Orthodontic technology

In addition to the scanners we use here at Orthodontic Excellence, we also use software that makes it even easier for our patients to enjoy the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Dental monitoring is an app that patients can set up on their smartphone and use to send us weekly pictures of their teeth. We match these photos up with our treatment plan to ensure your teeth are in the position they should be at that stage of treatment.

Dental monitoring means if you're having orthodontic treatment you don't need to organise your life around regular check-ups at our clinic. Instead you can travel, work, holiday abroad... basically live life as normal, so long as you remember to send us regular photos of your teeth!

You can find out more about this smartphone app on our dental monitoring page.

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